Parking Peer’s Policies

Motor Vehicle Parking includes Food Trucks, RV’s, Boats, and Motorcycles. Hosts may allow trailers and campers on their lots.

Each person who registers and operates a motor vehicle with a Host must have a valid driver's license and current vehicle registration. Parking Peer its affiliates, and Hosts assume no responsibility for lost or stolen property.

The speed limit in all parking lots is 10 mph.

Vehicles in all lots are restricted to marked, painted parking spaces only. Parking outside of designated parking spaces, along the curbs of landscaped islands, or other curbed areas in the parking lots, is prohibited.

The Host reserves the right to impose limitations on parking in emergencies and on special occasions. In such instances, advance notice will be given when practical and as time allows.

The Host reserves the right to remove or have removed any vehicle that is parked in such a way as to constitute a serious hazard or that impedes vehicular or pedestrian traffic movement, the operation of emergency equipment and/or making of essential repairs. Owners of such vehicles will be required to pay all costs involved in removing, impounding, and storing such vehicles. Any vehicle parked on a Host's lot without a valid registration and insurance can be subject to removal at the owner or operator's expense.

Vehicles must be parked one per parking space. Vehicles taking up more than one space are subject to paying for two spots or being towed.

Motorcycles must be parked in parking lots in marked, painted parking spaces. Motor scooters can be parked in parking lots in marked, painted parking spaces. Parking any motorized vehicle on walkways or other unauthorized areas is prohibited and will be subject to being towed. Riding any motorized vehicle on walkways is prohibited, and will be subject to the issuing of a moving violation ticket.

Any vehicle parked in violation of designated "snow route/snow zone", when snow removal operations have begun or when weather conditions indicate snow removal operations will be necessary, shall be removed from the Hosts lot in accordance with provisions previously described.

All vehicles parked in Hosts lots must be in running condition and must display current license plates.

No person may make major repairs to motor vehicles on any lots.

Living or sleeping overnight in any vehicle in any parking lot is prohibited.

Food Truck Parking Policy. 

A food truck must not stay parked longer than 72 hours without prior consent for your Peer. Vacations and long-term parking must be approved by your Peer. Please fill out the form at for approval.

Winter Parking Policy.

A truck must be checked twice a month during the winter. The Peer (host) is not liable for any damage, break-ins, stolen equipment/truck, or weather damage. The Host must notify the Peer 30 days in advance if they wish to terminate parking. The host must immediately notify the mobile restaurateur if any damage is noticed.